I went to pick up a take out dinner of chicken from Bastille’s take out menu.  They don’t just accept an order for take-out.  They had to check to see if I could have a take out meal.  Since they are still skitchy about eat-in meals for un, I was pleased when they deemed me OK to have a take out meal.

First, you don’t actually get a half chicken. You get about a third of chicken.  A small breast and part of the thigh.  I assume they use the rest for sandwiches and stock.  The chicken is tender, and tiny, and extremely dry, and undercooked.  Since it is undercooked, you can’t eat all of it.  Potatoes good; the vegetable consist of a pice of onion.  For $18.   This is their signature meal.  I’ll never order it again.  What a waste.