It’s been disappointing and discouraging to learn that 36th District State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles has been engaging in an effort to attack my reputation, the work I do, and the progressive policies I advocate for.  Word comes second-hand from more than one person she has been button-holing that she wants to be sure that I do not advocate on behalf of the public interest in telecom and broadband issues, that I should stop blogging about her, and that I should cease my campaign against her sitting on the King County Council.

Reports also confirm that she is running her own campaign behind the scenes to get a seat on the Council.  Since she is so unqualified and lacking in support in the community, any negative comments about her are deemed out of order, in her opinion.  Her latest tack is to complain to people on organizations that belong to, to say that if I am in a leadership position in Democratic politics, or community politics, or advocacy groups, then I should not say anything negative about Kohl-Welles.

Kohl-Welles behavior is exactly what has so many people in Seattle frustrated and discouraged by our political leadership.  Instead of exhibiting leadership, integrity, and backbone, they spend their time shutting down and slandering anyone in the community who opposes them.  It is often disguised as the widely discredited ‘Seattle Nice,’  passive aggressive and dysfunctional personalities who are wholly incapable of having a policy discussion with anyone who doesn’t agree with them.   Instead of seeking to improve her record, reach out to her critics to learn from them, and take controversial and courageous positions, she seeks to shoot the messenger of any criticism at all.   It is the same technique used by Greg Nickels, Dow Constantine, Richard Conlin, and Jim Compton.  It’s despicable.