Again tonight, anti-semite hipsters ruined my night at Hazelwood bar on Market Street in Ballard, Seattle. A couple, mid-thirties, looking average, came up to me to engage me in conversation. She starting asking my name, where I was from, where my parents were from, etc. The she said, exasperated, “You know, what is your cultural heritage? Your religion?”  I did know. She was looking for me to say I was Jewish. I did not say. Then she just blurted out, “Are you Jewish? Because I don’t care for Jews. They make me cry” Then her boyfriend joined in, saying he was working on marketing some eyeglasses for Jews, called Synagoggles. What did I think about that name?

Funny thing is, this is not the first time this has happened at Hazelwood. And previously, it was a seemingly ordinary woman who did the same thing, going off on Jews and particularly Jewish men. Apparently, someone did her wrong.

Don’t go to Hazelwood. Avoid the place. Ignore it , and maybe it will go away. Just don’t spend any money at the place. I won’t be.