Jeane Kohl-Welles and Mary Lou Dickerson are interested in replacing whoever replaces Ron Sims on the County Council.  First the  good news, we finally got  rid of Ron Sims. The barely educated Sims has been ruining the county for years. Now, we’re sending him to Washington where he can do some ruining there. Don’t expect to hear anything more from this guy, ever.

The bad news is that every incompetent politician and underemployed social activist in the county is trying to get on the Council for one of those high-paying, no-work jobs. Neither Kohl-Welles or Dickerson and have an intelligent idea to share between them. Kohl-Welles primary legislative task is correcting the pronouns in the RCW. Dickerson’s claim to fame was passing legislation (soon ruled unconstitutional) to restrict the sale of violent video games. Kohl-Welles also shares the distinction of being a strong advocate for taxpayer subsidized sports stadiums, sculpture parks, and other assorted playgrounds of the investor class.

We can all do ourselves a favor by getting behind better candidates to fill these positions. I’m thinking about John Burbank, Alice Woldt, or Peter Steinbrueck. In any case, there are loads of people that are better qualified than these two to fill any empty slots that open on the County Council.