This week I unsubscribed from ‘No Agenda,’ the lengthy podcasts from Adam Curry, John C. Dvorak, and Meevio.  It’s sad, because Adam has been asking for more people to subscribe, to get their numbers up.  But Adam, who is the real leader of the team, has become irrelevant and silly, as he has chosen to adopt Dvorak’s unpatriotic right-wing free market fundamentalist rants.  From their prediction that John McCain would win the election and Adam’s support of idiot anti-American Ron Paul, to Adam’s vaguely anti-Semitic allusions that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the banking meltdown, an increasing amount of time on each ‘cast is taken up with wild conspiracy theories, long-ago rejected economic nonsense (the US has the most productive economy, etc.), Internet and technology mythology (that net neutrality will destroy the Internet… and that net neutrality legislation is not necessary because the market will correct everything!), and Dvorak’s outdated early tech-boom mumblings (government bad, corporations good, everything is free, we are all rich who deserve to be).  It turns out that ‘No Agenda’ actually has a very clear agenda: to slickly and slyly put right-wing anti-government propaganda before an audience.  

I’ll miss John’s very knowledgeable food and wine commentary.  He should do a podcast just on that.  But putting these two together has turned to vinegar.  Adam’s sycophantic approach, influenced by the right-wing know-nothing VCs on Meevio’s board, has become increasingly dis-joined from reality.  I really admire this guy, but life is too short.  BTW, a one hour forty-five minute podcast is about three times too long, especially for this kind of content. 

This last point is the most important for Meevio: the company has to be careful to avoid exactly the kind of content that Adam and John are spewing on ‘No Agenda’.  This is toxic waste.


Update 4-7-09:  Meevio is dead, morphing into something else, or whatever.  Key to the end, the jump the shark moment, was when John C. Dvorak stated that John McCain would unquestionably win the election, that Obama had no chance.  And Adam Curry and other staff at Meevio failed to carve him a new one.  Remember you heard it here first.  ‘Toxic John’ is so over.